Martial Arts is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Child!

Youth Martial Arts for Ages 7 to 12

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Youth Martial Arts Program

It’s widely known that children who study martial arts do better in school, have greater social & emotional intelligence, and are more focused on setting and achieving goals.

Martial Arts training at American Dojo offers kids a physically challenging activity in an emotionally supportive environment where they feel they BELONG. Our positive reinforcement approach helps them to BELIEVE that anything is possible, which ignites a passion to ACHIEVE worthy goals…. both on the mat, at home, in school, and out in the community.

Through the discipline of martial arts training, kids develop the three S’s: Self-confidence, Self-discipline and Self-respect. Our exclusive DojoVirtues curriculum allows us to partner with parents, helping kids to develop an outgoing attitude and the determination to BE their best!

Build Character with DojoVirtues!

We believe that leaders aren’t born, but created by the mentors that influence their lives. At American Dojo, we go far beyond kicking and punching. We see Martial Arts as a vehicle to teach kids the life skills that will empower a leadership mindset, attention to detail, and a passion for excellence! Through our DojoVirtues Character Development Curriculum, students learn to make right & confident choices in life, such as choosing appropriate behavior or healthy friendships. This confidence enables our students to set and achieve goals they may have never before thought possible.

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American Dojo has been great for my son. The Instructors teach not only the arts, but values and discipline.

— Diana M.

My kids have been a part of the American Dojo family for a couple years now! They are learning the art of self defense, of course! But along the way they are learning more about themselves, ways to be the best versions of themselves and inspire others to do the same!

— Jen C.

We looked at and tried a few martial arts studios in the area and American Dojo is by far the best. We really appreciate the instructor to student ratio and the personal attention given to each student. The Konleys and their instructors have created a great environment where our son can learn and develop his skills.

— Sean S.

Our daughter gained confidence in so many areas of her life because of the amazing curriculum American Dojo teaches. They really focus on developing leaders on the floor and off. The staff at American Dojo are wonderful. They are attentive, experienced, kind, and show an interest in every single student's success. The instructors surely play a big role in why our daughter absolutely loves her time at the Dojo.

— Melissa V.

My daughter had behavior problems both at school and home. Within 3weeks of classes I got the dreaded call from school and instead of a negative call I was asked about what changed she was a different kid!! She is loving dojo and school and chores aren't work anymore. Thank you American Dojo I have my little girl back!

— Loreal B.

As a retired Army Officer, my kids’ character is one of the most important things that I focus on building……enrolled my daughter in American Dojo……she literally loved it after just the 1st night. All of my expectations have been far exceeded, she is more disciplined both at school and at home, and I have seen her confidence sky-rocket.

— Ken P.

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Parents Love Our Program

Our structured, progressive, and innovative Martial Arts curriculum allows kids to move along through the belt ranks, step by step… while gaining many physical, mental, & emotional benefits along the way.

These benefits include:
  • Increased coordination, strength, balance, cardio fitness, & flexibility
  • Better focus & self-discipline, coachable attitude, greater respect for authority figures & peers.
  • Positive friendships & mentoring relationships, sense of community & belonging, increased confidence.

Our qualified & licensed instructors offer a sensitive approach to the issues facing children in today’s society, teaching them basic safety and awareness.

We keep our student to instructor ratio low, providing the individual attention your child needs to make the class experience fast-paced & interesting, while building positive mentoring relationships! What’s more, they’re developing healthy, strong bodies while smiling, sweating & learning in each class.

Did you know… American Dojo’s Family Classes are a one-of-a-kind opportunity for every member of the family to participate, and have an equal amount of benefit. Many families love the advantages of a simplified schedule, time and money saved, and the ability to attend classes together!

American Dojo Martial Arts

What Sets Us Apart

All classes taught by international recognized and accredited black belt instructors.

NO belt rank promotion fees or “testing” fees.

NO “enrollment fees” or “down payments” required.