feel stronger & more confident in today’s uncertain world

Adult & Teen Martial Arts

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Adult/Teen Martial Arts & Self-Defense Program

Practicing martial arts can make you feel stronger & more confident in today’s uncertain world. It offers you a unique & effective way to manage stress, and get in shape while engaging the mind as well.

Our members report that Martial Arts training offers amazing personal growth benefits such as achieving greater focus, discipline & life balance, all of which translates into success & higher levels of well-being in everyday life.  

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At American Dojo, the Adult & Teen Martial Arts program features Hapkido & TaeKwonDo, which are Korean martial arts with roots dating back as early as 50 B.C. We take pride in honoring & practicing the traditional movements, while employing modern & innovative methods of teaching & training, as well as applying the concepts to real-life scenarios.

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The training is exceptional and the instructors very friendly and super supportive and excellent at what they do. Thank you to Master Konley and all my instructors for making me feel very welcome and at home, making me love every second of the Martial Arts experience and making me keep wanting to come back.

— Pamela G.

American Dojo has been an excellent experience for my son. He started with no experience and is now a 2nd degree black belt and instructor. Master Konley teaches not only the physical skills, but leadership and character building. Instructors do their best to consider each student's personal situation, strengths and weaknesses while giving them the training and encouragement to work to their highest potential.

— Pamela G.

Instructors are amazing..… Always a clean and friendly nurturing environment. Everyone is always there for you when you need them.

— Tammy S.

When I first started as a white belt, I was 61 years old and not at all sure that it was something that I would be successful at. Master Konley and his staff of highly trained instructors have helped me to achieve my current belt rank of high-red, and I am very excited to be working towards my pro-black belt this May! American Dojo provides a safe and family friendly environment for learning the martial arts skills as well as personal values. I am so very happy that I took the challenge at my age and succeeded! It keeps me young!

— Sheri L.

This dojo is great. They work with the students closely. They help not only in the learning of taekwondo but life.. They not only train hard but also have fun in the process.

— Nancy B.

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In addition to real-life self defense & the fascinating art of traditional weapons training, we offer sparring as well (optional).

We keep this element safe and fun with protective gear, and well defined/enforced rules. What’s great about sparring is that it builds quick reflexes, timing, and rhythm. It helps you become more aware & PRESENT, in each moment…. a coveted discipline in today’s world of plentiful distractions. Sparring is an incredible form of cardio conditioning & strength training!

Best of all, our Adult & Teen Martial Arts program offers you an encouraging community, a friendly team environment in which you’ll feel you BELONG, build confidence to BELIEVE great things are possible, and gain the perseverance to ACHIEVE all you goals.

American Dojo Martial Arts

What Sets Us Apart

All classes taught by international recognized and accredited black belt instructors.

NO belt rank promotion fees or “testing” fees.

NO “enrollment fees” or “down payments” required.