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Waukesha, WI 53186

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Our Programs

Kids Martial Arts for Ages 3.5 to 6

Excellent Kids is our Pre-K & Kindergarten life-skills martial arts program.

Youth Martial Arts for Ages 7 to 12

Martial Arts is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Child!

Fitness Kickboxing for Teens/Adults

DojoFit Kickboxing is the empowering martial arts based workout that you will LOVE!

Family Martial Arts

Pursue a healthy lifestyle as a family with this unique shared growth and bonding experience.

Teen/Adult Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Practicing martial arts at American Dojo can make you feel stronger & more confident in today’s uncertain world.

Birthday Parties

Great Kids Birthday Party Ideas start at American Dojo!

American Dojo Martial Arts

What Sets Us Apart

NO membership contracts are ever required.

NO belt rank promotion fees or “testing” fees.

NO “enrollment fees” or “down payments” required.