Lil-Kickers is our Pre-K & Kindergarten life-skills martial arts program

Kids Martial Arts for Ages 4 to 5

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“Lil-Kickers” our Pre-K & Kindergarten life-skills martial arts program

It features 12 important life-skills & foundations of martial arts taught within an age-specific curriculum that is fun & engaging. Lil-Kickers Kids gives your child the tools to succeed at home and in school.

Each week your child will build their confidence while learning life skills such as focus, teamwork, respect, and discipline. They’ll gain valuable awareness of their body through fun martial arts exercises & obstacle course challenges that build strength, agility, and balance. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing that they can act safely as they practice what to do when faced with a bully or stranger.

Each week, you’ll get to join your child on the mat for the parent participation portion when you’ll practice these life-skills in everyday situations. Your child will learn to look you in they eyes when you speak to them and to wait respectfully when you are on the phone. They’ll practice good manners by answering you with “Please” and “Thank you” and by doing things the first time you ask.

Building Your Child’s Self-esteem

Your child’s self-esteem will grow as they earn a new life-skills stripe every 2 weeks. As a parent, you’ll also feel empowered with the printed handout and Dojo Virtues Badge that you can use to help motivate your child to continue the learned behavior outside of class.

Lil-Kickers can help your child be their very best, by providing an environment where they Belong, Believe & Achieve here at American Dojo. We are grateful to offer this program to you!

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Highly recommend the Lil-Kicker program! It’s been such a great experience for our son, not only being able to learn new moves during class, but as parents, we are able to continue that lesson at home and award our own badges for their continued practice in that weeks lesson. He is so proud of all his accomplishments and absolutely loves looking at the badges he’s earned. He loves the class so much!!

— Kim & Ethan R.

I had no idea what to expect and I was super pleased. My son learns so many good life values along with physical skills. I would highly recommend to anyone in the area!

— Stephanie C.

Paige has so much passion in her!! If you have not taken a class with her, her Lil-Kicker Kids program for your children, check her out as soon as possible!! Plus, the Waukesha facility is such a great space for holding events and classes.

— Erin G.

All of the instructors here are very kind, patient, and helpful. My 4 year old daughter loves coming to Excellent Kids class every week. Through coming here with my daughter, I've also discovered a new found passion for kickboxing! It's an easy way for a busy working mom like me to meet new people! I would definitely recommend giving this place a try!

— Cara M.

This place has been such a blessing in our life, from the Excellence Kid’s program, to the DojoFit Kickboxing (Both my hubby & I love our workouts!) it’s definitely become “our” place!

— Kim R.

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