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DojoFit Kickboxing for Teens/Adults Program

DojoFit Kickboxing is the empowering martial arts workout set to high-energy music that you will LOVE! Achieving your fitness goals becomes so much fun… you’ll actually look forward to each & every class you attend.

Our philosophy is to treat each DojoFit workout as a celebration of what our bodies CAN do, rather than a punishment for what they can’t, or for what we ate over the weekend. When we push, dig deep, and give it our all for the full hour, we burn an amazing 800 calories! Meanwhile, we’re toning & sculpting lean muscle, burning body fat & dropping inches.

How do we get such great results? It’s simple! Martial Arts is the BEST total body fitness routine out there. Our instructors & coaches understand (and teach) the fundamentals of proper stretching, form, breath control, and balance. This, packaged into an exhilarating, bag-slamming workout session provides the Cardiovascular, Strength, & Flexibility development you desire.

What’s more, DojoFit Kickboxing helps you nurture your inner warrior, and create a positive mindset to empower not only your workout, but your LIFE. The mental benefits are huge.

What to expect from a class

High energy music, motivating coaches, and a room full of free-standing “wave” bags all facilitate a workout experience like no other….

45 minutes of intense workout time- including cardio conditioning, technical kickboxing instruction, lots of bag-slamming kicking & punching, & core strength exercises.

The workout is delivered in 3 rounds. 1st round being focused on upper body, with lots of punching…. 2nd round being focused on legs with lots of kicking, and the 3rd round is most fun of all… with exhilarating kick/punch combos, and some fun partner work.

The final 15 minutes of class will include some self-defense training as a cool-down, and also a full body stretching routine that will leave you feeling relaxed & refreshed.

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I love DojoFit! It's very empowering to learn kickboxing….. I've learned to throw a real punch! I have already recruited my friend to join me because it's really fun & really sweaty & a GREAT workout.

— Anna P. of Waukesha

Just have to share my excitement.... my measurements are DOWN 12 total inches since starting DojoFit classes 9 weeks ago! Seriously love these classes. So much fun!!

— Kim R. of Waukesha

The results I'm getting both physically & mentally from kickboxing after only 2 months are incredible. I just quit my gym membership & signed on for more time with the bag.

— Emily K. of Waukesha

The DojoFit kickboxing class really got my cardio up to where I needed it to succeed in the military…..I maxed out my PT score for the 2 mile…. on my way to do the same with the push ups too. Virginia and the other instructors do an amazing job with that class. And the environment is very inclusive and encouraging at whatever level of training we are at.

— Ricky B.

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DojoFit Kickboxing is so much more than a workout. We are a fun tribe of “joy warriors”, celebrating what our bodies can do…. and pushing to do more with each class. Come Belong, Believe, and Achieve your fitness goals with us.

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