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Family Martial Arts

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Family Martial Arts Program

American Dojo’s family classes may be just the unique opportunity you’ve been seeking. In today’s fast-paced, digital world…. It can be hard to find ways to connect with our loved ones in meaningful ways… But training in Martial Arts as a family creates common ground, provides common goals to pursue, and allows for so many opportunities to learn together… Face challenges together… Create life-long MEMORIES together.

Your whole family will love training in our encouraging, challenging, engaging, & family-focused social environment… One where each member can feel that they BELONG. Our positive reinforcement approach helps each person to BELIEVE that anything is possible, which ignites a passion to ACHIEVE worthy goals… not only on the mat, but at home, and out in the community.

Positive Mental Attitude

Parents love that our Martial Arts program instills a positive mental attitude while improving strength, agility, balance, and flexibility. Through the discipline of martial arts training & our integrated Dojo Virtues curriculum, together your family will learn success-building habits such as goal setting and perseverance.

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American Dojo has a fantastic staff that goes above and beyond. They not only teach martial arts skills, but they mentor students in life skills. The academy has a wide range of instructors that connect to every age level. I originally signed my son up for classes and he enjoyed it so much that I thought I would give it a try. I really enjoy the workout I get and this is something that I can experience with my son and connect with him on another level. I highly recommend giving it a go. Once you start you will be hooked.

— Traci N.

Master Konley and all the instructors at American Dojo are amazing. As an adult taking the classes I am amazed at the positive impact the instructors have on the young students. They are teaching them such valuable life lessons that they will carry for the rest of their lives. The discipline, focus, and self confidence they are instilling on the students, including the adult students, is great.

— Joe M.

I recommend American Dojo to anyone with children. I can tell they take true pride in working with these kids. Keep up the good work I appreciate all the instructors thanks so much for all you do.

— Cynthia J.

Started going here with my 2 girls and wife a couple months ago, and it is far cooler than had ever thought. The staff is very energetic and respectful. Facility is clean and orderly.

— Nolan L.

American dojo is the real deal. I have been to other schools and they simply don't compare. Master Konley and his staff do an excellent job with the children and adults. The hapkido you learn here is second to none.

— Allen S.

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Learn more about the many benefits of Martial Arts training at American Dojo by visiting our Youth Martial Arts page, or our Adult & Teen Martial Arts page. If you have a Pre-School or Kindergarten age child, you’ll want to check out our Excellent Kids program page.

Did you know… American Dojo’s Family Classes are a one-of-a-kind opportunity for every member of the family to participate, and equally benefit. Many families love the advantages of a simplified schedule, time and money saved, combined with the ability to attend classes & share the journey together!

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Our Approach

Our exclusive Dojo Virtues curriculum focuses on building positive character traits and developing leadership qualities in kids and adults alike. Our badge system keeps kids motivated, and our parental support materials equip parents to follow up & empower success habits in the home as well.

“For the students, Black Belt becomes symbolic of excellence not only in Martial Arts but in all areas of life,” says Dean Konley, 7th Degree Black Belt and Chief Master Instructor at American Dojo.

About The Konley family

American Dojo is owned and operated and was founded in 1994 by Dean Konley.  Dean has been a part of the homeschooling movement since 1994 with 5 kids of his own that have been involved in the homeschool community.

It is the homeschool philosophy of inter-generational learning that inspired Dean to include Family Classes as an important part of the martial arts programming at his academy.

“Martial Arts is such a great addition that you can add to your homeschool experience with so many benefits that complement any homeschool curriculum,” says Dean, who is a 7th-degree black belt and father of 5.

American Dojo Martial Arts

What Sets Us Apart

All classes taught by international recognized and accredited black belt instructors.

NO belt rank promotion fees or “testing” fees.

NO “enrollment fees” or “down payments” required.