Do You Love Your Body?

Published January 19, 2018

Do you love your body? You should, you know.

It has graciously brought you this far, and it’s the only one you get to experience life on this earth! Feed it well. Strengthen it. Rest it. Be grateful for it. In short, LOVE it. Don’t say to yourself, “when I’m thinner, then I’ll love my body”, or “when I’m stronger, I’ll love my body”, or even…. “when I can get rid of this jiggle, then I’ll love my body”…… just stop.

Not convinced? Not feeling the love?? Maybe this will help: You wouldn’t tell your child “when you obey me perfectly, then I’ll love you”, or “when you sleep through the night, I will love you”, or even…. “when you stop peeing in your pants, I will love you”.  So why do we fail to love our own bodies??

I coach the DojoFit team to start with love & gratitude for their bodies. When we begin with this mindset, our workouts become a celebration of what our bodies CAN do.
And moms….No more mom guilt. Your body is amazing. You are a warrior, and you can join us to Belong, Believe, Achieve…. to share & find joy in the battle.

Friends, this is my heart.
I’ve specifically addressed moms, because, well…. that’s what I know. It’s who I am. But I believe the concept can apply to anyone.

I posed the question to my DojoFit team recently, “How do you feel about your body?”
Got lots of wonderful, honest, heart felt answers. Many are proud of what they are accomplishing, and I am proud of them!

Not surprisingly, no one responded with “I love my body”.
Probably, most would think that sounds conceited. But I don’t think so.

When we love something, we invest in it, we care for it, we make it a priority, even make disciplined sacrifices to serve it…..and we celebrate it.

So, today, I challenge you to love your body…. and let that love drive your choices, your actions. Do good things for your body, and pretty soon, your body will be doing good things for you, too.

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