Giving Good Gifts

Published December 16, 2017

As parents, one of our greatest joys on Holidays and special occasions is giving gifts to our children. We love seeing them light up, and we want to give them the best that life has to offer!

It’s fun to give simple gifts like toys, clothing, gadgets and games…. But when we want to give a truly special, meaningful, memorable gift… we can often feel at a loss.

The things our children often ask for, that they think will bring them happiness…. we know as parents that these things will not bring lasting fulfillment! Yes, we want to see their eyes light up when they receive their gift, but we also want to feel the assurance of knowing we are giving a GOOD gift. Not one that will soon break or disappoint, simply fill time, or merely make them seem “cool” among their friends…. but a truly good gift. One that they will remember and treasure for a long time. One that will help them experience more of life, dream bigger, or develop more of their potential….. Now, something like that would be a TRULY good gift, would it not?

I have found the answer to this dilemma to be gifts that fall into two general categories:
1. The “Experience Gift”
2. The “Tool Gift’

Simply stated, the “Experience Gift” is an intangible. It should be something that plays to your child’s natural curiosity, interests, or talent. It can also be an experience that introduces them to something totally new and different…. to open up their world and broaden their horizons. Some examples include tickets to shows or events, classes or lessons, or even a special trip to a place far or near.

In contrast, the “tool gift” is tangible. However, similar to some experience gifts, it will also equip your child to develop their talent and skill in a high interest area. Some examples include: musical instruments, cooking/baking tools, quality art supplies, sport-specific footwear, sports training equipment or apparel, or even a microscope or telescope.

I believe the key with the “tool gift” is QUALITY. A low quality tool will likely not function well. It may cause frustration, and will not help your child develop their full potential. For this reason, invest in the best quality tools you can find and afford. As a bonus, your child will learn responsibility in maintaining an item of high quality that he can call his very own.

Here are some of the many benefits to this type of gift giving!
*The thrill lasts longer!
*Less waste, and less clutter
*Fosters meaningful human interaction & connection
*Provides memories to treasure & stories to share
*Builds self-esteem, responsibility and confidence

Still stumped for ideas?? Consider giving your child the amazing gift of Martial Arts training! In my humble opinion, it’s the ULTIMATE Experience Gift, which also provides plenty of future options for “Tool Gifts”! While you’re here at our website, visit our Kids, Youth or Family Martial Arts Program pages to access our current starter specials.

Happy Gift Giving!