Benefits of Martial Arts for Teen Girls

Published November 23, 2017

This is the post where you expect me to tell you how important it is for girls to learn self- defense. Which, of course, is very important.… and is something I am quite passionate about. However, this is not the post in which I address the specifics of technical, physical self defense training, how we teach it, and what it takes to be effective and proficient.


THIS is the post where I talk about why I believe EVERY teenage girl should train in martial arts, for at least a few months…. if at all possible.

As we know, the teen years are tough. Especially so for girls. The internal and external pressures girls face are tremendous. To find security, and to set the stage for success as an adult….these are the years when girls must develop their mental, emotional, and physical strength. But how is this best accomplished?

What we often do not recognize is that the Mental, Emotional, and the Physical…. these three are deeply connected, and martial arts training is uniquely suited to address ALL THREE.

Through martial arts training in a quality program, a teen girl is afforded the opportunity to:

  • Face and overcome challenges, both mental and physical.
  • Become aware of her internal power.
  • Accept and appreciate her body while developing her unique gifts.
  • Practice making judgements about allowing others into her personal space.
  • Experience what it’s like to give and receive respect.
  • Feel the confidence that comes from hard work when she develops the physical strength and skill to execute a powerful kick or strike.
  • Develop better decision making skills, and stronger character.
  • Find an encouraging tribe of her own, where she feels she BELONGS.
  • Build relationships with positive mentors & fellow students who empower her to BELIEVE in herself, and hold her accountable to ACHIEVE her goals.

In a nutshell, it all comes down to Self-Respect. She must learn to respect herself enough to set lofty goals while loving herself enough to allow for inevitable failures and setbacks. She must adopt a mindset of Self-Respect which does not allow life’s “speed bumps” to become road blocks. The habit of Self-Respect is so very pivotal, and martial arts training has the power to develop this habit in teens. Girls who posses a strong sense of Self-Respect are far less likely to find themselves in a situation where they need to employ Self-Defense.

So, there you have it. Self-Defense is important, but Self-Respect is LIFE GIVING.

Help your teen live the awesome life you know she deserves. Encourage her to train in martial arts.