Perfection, or Progress?

Published September 19, 2017

Have you ever heard the expression, “Get out of your own way”?

It’s one worth pondering.

Too often, we get in our own way, putting up road blocks to our success by seeking perfection. We think, if everything isn’t just right, if I can’t guarantee success on the first try…. then I won’t bother starting at all. The reality is that it just doesn’t work that way. Success isn’t defined by perfection. It’s pursued, and then achieved, through incremental progress, often punctuated by setbacks and failures.

A vivid representation of this truth is the colorful belt ranking system found in martial arts. No one starts as a white belt, and expects to immediately perform like a Black Belt. At least they shouldn’t, right?

A good martial artist understands that it takes incremental progress, pursued through consistent hard work, determination, and focus, over a long period of time before Black Belt skill can be demonstrated. There are failures and setbacks along the way. Ask any Black Belt! But when we rise from them, defy them, redeem them…. it’s those same failures and setbacks which create the mental fortitude, and strength of character that are of far greater value than a perfectly executed roundhouse kick.

So, remember… all areas of life:
Seek PERFECTION, you’ll get stuck or never start.
Seek PROGRESS, you’ll take action and persevere…. to achieve success!

Perfection or Progress? The choice is yours.