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Taekwondo is the world’s most popular martial art with the largest number of practitioners worldwide! At American Dojo, we work to instill valuable lessons along with the balance, agility, strength, and coordination which come with our Waukesha Taekwondo classes. Time and time again, families and parents tell us their sons and daughters are more focused and more confident after enrolling in our Milwaukee martial arts programs. Parents can see their children have a better sense of self-respect and more respect for others. Our family Taekwondo lessons are fun and teach kids how they can accomplish hard tasks when they’re willing to work at it! Many parents voice appreciation at the way our Taekwondo instructors interact with their kids. Our Milwaukee Martial Arts Classes are both motivational and include real, tangible rewards for kids. The Taekwondo belt ranking system gives kids something to strive for and appreciate as they simultaneously improve their skills.

Our Milwaukee Martial Arts Classes help kids develop leadership skills while improving confidence in kids by making them feel empowered and valued. Taekwondo improves self-image and has proven to help with anger and anxiety issues. Kids can pursue the Taekwondo black belt which Master Konley has helped over 300 people achieve in his 20-plus years as a martial arts instructor. Our Martial art training in Waukesha and the surrounding areas has a lot of advocates for its success. Read on to see what people have to say about our Waukesha Taekwondo lessons, and see the difference they make!

"A special thanks to all of our members and professional associates who have so graciously contributed to this area of the website!"
- Master & Mrs. Konley

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American Dojo is the premier New Berlin Karate and martial arts training center for kids and families.

3/21/2013 Martial Arts for Brookfield Kids 3/21/2013
Now offering karate classes and martial arts lessons to Brookfield families!
9/14/2011 Family Fitness 9/14/2011

If your waistband is a little tight, try a slimming new black belt--a martial-arts belt. And bring the kids.

7/29/2010 A REAL Karate Kid 7/29/2010
This real- life Karate Kid puts both the eighties version (Ralph Macchio), and the 2010 version (Jaden Smith) to shame. Meet Adam Stone, black belt.... Some would say that fate tried to stack the deck against Adam from the very start. The now 15-year-old was born with Down syndrome, and doctors found four holes in his heart that necessitated open-heart surgery on the infant.....

Child obesity is becoming a world wide epidemic. Children are becoming overweight at young ages due to lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.

2/15/2009 Powerful Parenting 2/15/2009

...Today, Pam, her husband, Frank, and their children, Mason, 13, Jake, 10, and Zaiah, 8, spend 3 days a week at the martial arts training hall...

"With proper instruction and a program that is grounded in Eastern traditions, martial arts offer many benefits in the development of a child's physical, mental and spiritual well being..."