Family Martial Arts Training Testimonials Waukesha, Hartland

 Waukesha boy learns value of hard work:

“My son has always been the type that got what he wanted.  Now, because of his training at American Dojo, he understands that he has to work for what he wants.  This includes things like working at chores and getting good grades at school.  I feel this is the best thing I have ever done for him.  I just wish I could have done it sooner!”  

- David and Melinda M. of Waukesha

American Dojo helps Pewaukee girl break out of her shell:

“Intense, fun, and informative.  That’s how I would best describe training at American Dojo.  My daughter smiles more during the hours she spends in class at the dojo than she does the rest of the week.  She actually wants to participate!  Typically, she tends to be alone with a good book, but in class she is different…a good kind of different.  Her self-image is more positive and she is proud of graduating two belt levels.  This is truly something for all of us to brag about.”
- Nicol family

Delafield boy gains confidence through martial arts:

“My son’s experience at American Dojo has given him confidence and the feeling that he can accomplish something difficult.  Activities such as reading come very easy to him and in the past he has given up on anything difficult.  That has changed since he started taking classes at American Dojo!  He now has confidence to be in new situations.  As a parent, I most enjoy seeing how patient the instructors are with the students.  They are great with the kids.”
- Puetzer family

Hartland family raves about American Dojo’s Leadership program:

“The training my son has received at American Dojo has been interactive, strengthening, and motivational.  I enjoy watching the relationships and respect between students and instructors, and the character-building words taught during class are being carried over into our daily routine.  Learning about self –reliance brought an amazing change in our son.  The leadership class, and handling of weapons, has improved his fine motor skills and his focus and concentration have improved significantly.  He enjoys the confidence when he meets a goal, or masters a skill. As a parent, it’s exciting for me to watch the changes in his confidence.”
 -Stein family

Brookfield Martial Arts Training for children:

"We personally want to thank you for all that you have done for our children.... We believe the experience they have had with your program will be with them for a lifetime."

-Mr. & Mrs. Ho of Brookfield, Wisconsin


Son of Brookfield Police Officer Finds Confidence at American Dojo:

We are so happy that our son, Ray, is enrolled in your little kickers class. I am compelled to let you know how extremely pleased we are with your facility, your curriculum and both of you.

As you know, Ray was adopted by us about 3 years ago with some significant medical problems (facial/mouth deformities). Since starting school, he has slowly started to "slide" downhill when it comes to confidence and we were becoming more and more concerned. His self-esteem was plummeting. Ray was pointing out to us that he was different.

We enrolled with you and I can now see this was absolutely the right decision. At the conclusion of each and every martial arts class so far, the difference to us as parents is unmistakable. The results are profound and I am beyond thrilled. He has met every challenge you have given him. He now speaks as best as he can in class and is never ridiculed or picked on by other students (while before he would not speak at all because of his problem). He is now volunteering to become involved when asked--which usually never happened before. He is praised when needed and also corrected when necessary.  

I am sure you receive a good number of these correspondences but I hope you realize the profound impact you are having on Ray and on his mom and dad.  On behalf of Nicole and I--Thank You for the work you do-it makes a difference.

-Paul S. of Waukesha, Wisconsin (Town of Brookfield Police Officer)


Milwaukee Martial Arts Classes Help Kids Deal with Anger and Anxiety:

"American Dojo is helping my son make great strides with his anger and anxiety issues. Attending Martial Arts classes has helped him release his aggression in a positive way and stay focused & make better choices when he gets frustrated at home or in school. Master Konley's training is well worth the 35 minute drive we make from Milwaukee two - three times each week"

-Ms. Cetnarowski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Waukesha Tae Kwon Do Classes Help Kids Become Leaders:

"Our family would like to thank you, Master Konley, for helping Kyle develop his confidence and leadership skills though Tae Kwon Do. He has become a leader in his community, school and church environment..."

-Mr. Sonneman of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Family-Friendly Waukesha Karate Classes:

"My heartfelt thanks for all the support which you offer both (my son) and I during lessons at the Dojo. It is something that is benefiting us in all aspects of our lives. Everything at the Dojo is fantastic- the staff, the classes, the workout, the support and encouragement, and the friendships we have made."

-Ms. D. Smith of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Waukesha Hapkido Classes for the Whole Family:

"American Dojo and the instructors have given my son and me a place to grow together. Being a single mom means spending quality time with my son is very important. Together, we have been taking taekwondo and hapkido classes at American Dojo. Being a part of the American Dojo family has been a big part of our lives - helping John, my Son, with focus in school and interaction with friends, while helping me get the exercise and stress-reduction I don't have time for during a normal day."

-Ms. Trish Bakalars of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Menomonee Falls Martial Arts Classes Teaches Kids Life Lessons:

"My son started martial arts classes just last fall, and I have already seen a big difference in him. He uses the life lessons that he learns all the time. Just recently he identified an incident of poor sportsmanship, applying what he had learned that month at the Dojo. I have also noticed a difference in his overall attitude and my approach with him as a parent. We are pleased with the choice we made when we enrolled him and can't wait until his little brother is old enough to join!"

-Mr. Lewis of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Family Wauwatosa Tae Kwon Do Lessons:

"As a father of 5 boys, I sought out martial arts as an activity I could enjoy with my kids. I always had an interest in Martial arts, but I never thought that at the age of 40, I would succeed in earning my black belt! Practicing Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido with my sons has proven to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I have had as a parent. Master Konley and his staff have become like a second family to us. I highly recommend American Dojo to any family looking to become healthier, stronger, and more confident."

-Mr. Klienke of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Waukesha Taekwondo Lessons Build Self- Esteem:

"American Dojo has had a very positive effect on our entire family. As parents we have, and still are enjoying the transformation we see in our kids. Previously we had spent years driving our kids from sporting event to sporting event, only to watch them warm up the bench for others. Their efforts would go unnoticed and it took a toll on their self-esteem. Taekwondo has had the opposite effect. They now have a great deal self-esteem; they respect others, make eye contact, and are focused."

-Mr. & Mrs. Julius of Waukesha, Wisconsin

West Allis Martial Arts Training Teaches Children Discipline:

"American Dojo has served as a foundation for (my son), a center-point in his young life to which he is able to relate experiences, draw on physical awareness that has carried over to other aspects of his life. I would describe martial arts training with Master Konley as engaging, encouraging, and disciplined. One of the most valuable aspects of the training at American Dojo are the positive character building talks that Master Konley gives....."

-Mr. Mahrt of West Allis, Wisconsin

Martial Art Training in Waukesha Increases Confidence in Kids:

" Martial arts training at American Dojo has increased my son's confidence & ability to try new things more willingly. He's developing better coordination and use of his strength and flexibility. Master Konley's taekwondo classes are concrete, thorough, and fun." 

-Mr. Garbedian of Waukesha, Wisconsin

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