Meet American Dojo's Staff & Martial Arts class instructors in Waukesha & Hartland:

Our Waukesha martial arts staff is made up of highly trained instructors who provide a safe, fun, goal-oriented, and personal development driven environment. We keep our instructor to student ratio considerably low, providing students with the most personal attention possible. Key instructor qualities you'll find at American Dojo are: enthusiasm, discipline, a caring attitude, and dedication to the students. Master Konley and all the American Dojo karate instructors hold in high regard the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our students and their families.

Head Martial Arts Staff:

Chief Master Dean Konley- Owner/ Founder

Master Dean Konley was born in Milwaukee and raised in Waukesha. A very active young boy with a bright personality, he attended the Waukesha public schools, where he struggled with a learning disability now recognized as dyslexia. Despite having an intact and loving family, he soon became discouraged and troubled by the teasing of his schoolmates, and teachers who didn't understand his dyslexia.

Waukesha Martial Arts Master Dean Konley praticing outside in Korea.By the time he reached early adolescence, Dean had resorted to disrespectful and destructive behavior in order to gain the attention and acceptance of his peers. At the age of 14, driven by the desire for true achievement & "cool karate-kid moves", Dean joined Cho's Tae Kwon Do academy in Waukesha. It was there that he found discipline and truly positive mentors. For the first time in his life, he felt that someone believed in him, and that he could accomplish his goals.

While in high school, Dean went on to compete in tournaments at the state and national level in Tae Kwon Do, and held the state championship title in sparring (heavyweight division) for 6 straight years. In 1985, he earned the bronze medal in sparring at the USTU National Tae Kwon Do Championships. While this was a tremendous accomplishment, his martial arts training benefited him outside the Dojo as well. He learned to cope with his dyslexia, and was able to excel academically in high school, graduating in 1989.

Dean earned his 1st dan black belt under Master Cho in 1986. He has continued his martial arts training in earnest over the past 20 years, studying & earning rank under world - renowned martial arts masters. In 1999 he was introduced to Grandmaster In Sun Seo, whose knowledge and skill in Korean martial arts he has found to be virtually unsurpassed. Master Konley has earned his 4th, 5th and 6th dan black belts under the instruction of Grandmaster In Sun Seo, who resides in Seoul, Korea.

Master Konley founded American Dojo in 1994, out of a desire to share his passion and the life changing power of martial arts with individuals and families in the a number of Wisconsin communities including Sussex, Oconomowoc, Genesee Depot, Brookfield, Waterville, Pewaukee, and Delafield. Starting a business from scratch with almost no capital was not an easy undertaking, yet with his hard work, determination, and big heart he was able develop a dedicated student base. In 1996 he married Virginia, and together they worked part- time at the Dojo (while holding down other full time jobs) to build a profitable academy. In 1998, Master Konley was able to quit his full time 3rd shift job (at a local dairy plant) in order to teach classes and manage the Dojo full time. That same year the Konley's first child, Zachary, was born.

Master Konley is now the proud father of 3 sons and a 2 daughters: Zachary ('98), Gabrielle ('01), Titus ('06), Levi ('09), and Haven ('15). Aside from martial arts, he enjoys swimming, water sports, watching movies, hunting, listening to music, acting silly, serving in his church, playing with his kids, and taking his wife on dates.


Program Administrator/ Lead Instructor:

Ms. Cori Gastrow

    Cori began her Martial Arts training at American Dojo in 1998, and she currently holds the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt. Having excelled as a Dojo leader when she was just a teen, Cori first joined the ranks of our Black Belt instructors some 10 years ago.
    After growing up, pursuing education/ a variety of work experiences , and traveling the world…… Ms. Gastrow was thrilled to return to the Dojo in 2013, accepting her position as full-time Program Administrator.
    With her warm smile & upbeat personality, Cori especially enjoys working one-on-one with students in class & seeing the sense of accomplishment in them when they “get it” and master a new technique.  She also says: “I really love interacting and connecting with our member families at the Dojo. It is so rewarding to know how the work we do here makes a difference in people’s lives”
    On a personal level, Cori says the thing she enjoys most about training at the Dojo is sparring. Her opponents should watch out, as she’s not shy about showcasing the advantage of her very long legs! “Sparring is such an amazing physical and mental challenge- that’s what I love about it”, says Cori, “And it’s a great stress reliever!”
    When she’s not at the Dojo, it’s likely you would find Mrs. Mason cuddling with her 4 adopted rescue dogs, relaxing at the beach, or target shooting with her pistol. When asked about future goals for herself, Mrs. Mason responded, “I’m working on advancing to my 3rd degree black belt, and a more long-term goal I have is to open a new American Dojo academy someplace warm.” 


Program Director:

Mr. Mitchell Collins


Certified Black Belt Instructor/ gymnastics coach:

Mr. Rich Gamez


Certified Black Belt Instructors:

Mr. Chris Withrow

Mr. Scott Komar

Mr. James Evansen

Mr. Matthew Bauman

Mr. Brian Mortensen

Master Pat Riley

Mr. Zachary Konley

Ms. Rianne Hardin

Mr. Mark Leipski

Mr. Nick Krueger

Mr. Bob Radulovich


Assistant Instructors:

Mr. Marvin Saucedo

Ms. Cierra Marquardt

Ms. Hannah Schiessl

Mr. Alan Gray

Mr. Alex Grant


Junior Black Belt Instructors:

Mr. Dawson Weiss

Ms. Gabrielle Konley

Ms. Karina Saucedo

Mr. Phil Boettcher


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