Adult Martial Arts Classes in Waukesha and Lake Country areas

Milwaukee Martial Arts student jumping and training

Adult Self Defense Classes in Waukesha and Hartland, Wisconsin

Want to strengthen your mind and body with one incredible workout? Give Martial Arts a try! Our classes will get you in the best shape of your life and develop key mental focus points like no other workout -- guaranteed! Thanks to American Dojo, top notch self-defense training in Waukesha has never been so easy to find. We offer many Martial Arts styles taught by exceptional instructors , so you get trained professionals in every aspect of your Martial Arts training. The benefits of adult Martial Arts classes in Waukesha are simply amazing. Our enjoyable methods of Martial Arts training sculpt the body and the mind to engender limitless results.

Martial Arts are Safe, Fun Activities Offering You:

  • A full body workout that burns fat and tones muscle
  • Increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and focus
  • Life saving self-defense skills
  • Therapeutic stress release

This year, transform yourself with Martial Arts. No experience is necessary to start taking classes. Beginner classes are now forming at our Waukesha Taekwondo/Martial Arts dojo and Hartland Martial Arts/Taekwondo dojo.

Hard Martial Arts and Soft Martial Arts: The Two Approaches

Martial Arts are usually separated into two categories: “Hard” Martial Arts and “Soft” Martial Arts. Hard Martial Arts meet force with force, blocking and attacking with direct technique. Soft Martial Arts focus on turning an attacker’s force against them while exerting minimal force to achieve goals. While Hard Martial Arts promotes meeting a punch with a block, Soft Martial Arts promotes redirecting the force of an opponent’s blow and moving to attack at the opportune moment.

Extreme Fitness Classes in Milwaukee for Adults

Vicki Sylvester teaching a Milwaukee area extreem fitness class.The extreme fitness classes are for the serious martial artist looking to take his/her training to the next level. These classes are designed especially for those martial artists who are looking to get in top shape and have the body to prove it. Master Konley’s extensive experience training with top level artists of Taekwondo, Jujutsu, and Hapkido gives him the opportunity to share this information with adult classes who show a commitment to exceling in these arts.

Extreme fitness classes are unique to American Dojo and provide a power punching, resistance kicking, cardiovascular conditioning, and aggression-releasing workout which demands 100% of every student's potential. Master Konley offers these courses with the full range of his training and life experience in mind – read more about Master Konley’s story and his reason for starting this method of self-defense training in Waukesha!

Three Styles of Self Defense Training in Waukesha

We offer three majorly beneficial styles of Martial Arts training in Waukesha and the surrounding areas.

These styles are:

  • Taekwondo, a hard style Korean martial art especially suited to developing coordination, flexibility, strength, agility, and focus. This style is the most-recommended for children, as it helps them develop confidence and self-esteem. The built-in reward system of earning belt ranks aids in positive reinforcement of their growing skills. We’ve been training students in this style of self-defense training in Waukesha, Hartland, and the Milwaukee area for over 20 years.
  • Jujutsu, a soft style which incorporates many Japanese Martial Arts styles, literally means “the art of softness”. Developed by the samurai of feudal Japan to fight armored opponents, this style has grown and developed to have many different facets over the years. Master Konley has trained under four-time Olympic gold medalist Mike Swain, and under the famous Jiu-Jutsu master Carlson Gracie. 
  • Hapkido, a mixed Korean martial art which combines elements of both hard and soft Martial Arts styles. Circular motion, non-resistant responses to attack, and gaining control of the opponent are all part of Hapkido. Hapkido is the most all-encompassing form of self-defense training in Waukesha, training participants to respond to many types of Martial Arts and street fighting techniques. Master Konley trains directly under Hapkido Master Steve Seo, and his father Hapkido Grandmaster In Sun Seo. Thanks to Master Konley’s prestigious rank and association with the World Hapkido Association, all belt ranks granted by American Dojo are recognized by the Korean government Ministry of Culture.
    Train with the American Dojo and see the difference it makes! Get fit, focused, and release stress while building positive traits. Step up to self-defense training in Waukesha today!

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