Martial Arts Classes for Homeschoolers in Waukesha County & Lake Country!

Weaukesha Homeschool student breaking a board Daytime Homeschool Classes - a great physical education opportunity (& more!) for homeschooling families in the Waukesha County and Lake Country areas.

Homeschool parents love our Martial Arts program that instills a positive mental attitude while improving strength, agility, balance, and flexibility. Our Martial Arts students learn success-building habits such as goal setting and perseverance.

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Our Approach:

While American Dojo does not teach eastern philosophy, the curriculum taught focuses on building positive character traits and developing leadership qualities . "For the students, Black Belt becomes symbolic of excellence not only in Martial Arts, but in all areas of life", says Dean Konley, 7th Degree Black Belt and Chief Master Instructor at American Dojo.

About American Dojo & Homeschooling:

American Dojo was founded by Dean Konley in 1994 and is owned and operated by the Konley Family. As a second-generation homeschool family, the Konleys have been a part of the homeschooling movement since 1985 when Virginia (mom) began 2nd grade as a homeschool student. Having now completed her 11th year as a homeschooling mom, Virginia enjoys the educational benefits of martial arts for her own children ages 17, 14, 9 & 6. "Martial Arts is such a wonderful combination of creative art form and physical discipline, the benefits are broad, and it compliments my philosophy of education", says Virginia, who is a 2nd degree black belt and mother of 4.

Dean and Virginia share a passion for martial arts and homeschooling. They, along with the American Dojo staff, are pleased to continue offering this opportunity for homeschool families during the '15-'16 school year & beyond.

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"With proper instruction and a program that is grounded in Eastern traditions, martial arts offer many benefits in the development of a child's physical, mental and spiritual well being..."