Waukesha County Black Belt Students in the Community

Upcoming charitable service projects:

FREE Anti-Bullying workshop series
begins March 4th.
Members of the community are invited to attend our FREE Anti-Bullying workshop series aimed at helping children overcome the negative impact of bullying. Students will learn how to identify bullying behavior, realistic ways to avoid being a target of bullying, and how to STOP bullying behavior.
Saturday mornings in March, 2017- 9:00-10:00 a.m. 
3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25. (4 workshops in series)

American Dojo Martial Arts Academy
2242 W. Bluemound Rd., Waukesha WI
Pre- Registration Required:
register online at  http://bit.ly/end-bully
or call #262-542-2888

Past community involvement by American Dojo.....

 Black Belt Service project June 2016:



Relay For Life

July 29th, 2016- Held at Waukesha South High School Track 6p.m.- 11:30p.m.  American Dojo partnered with Relay for Life to help raise awareness & funds to support cancer survivors & their families. Pro-Black & Black Belts formed a TEAM,
and raised over $7,500 for the American Cancer Society. 

Waukesha Martial Arts Black Belt Service projects each year in December:

Each December, our Black Belts choose to support the needy closest to our local Lake Country & Waukesha karate classes by teaming up with the Salvation Army. We are told by the volunteer coordinator for our area that the greatest need they have around the holiday season is FOOD. In response to this need, each December we conduct a food drive by setting up a "Holiday Feast Tree" in the lobbies of both our Hartland and Waukesha martial arts Dojos.

How can you help? 

Simply choose an ornament off the "Holiday Feast Tree", and purchase the items on the ornament's shopping list, returning those items to the bin at the Dojo by Dec. 20th. Each year we have collected in excess of 1,000 food items!

Black Belt Service project June 2014:

Our 2014 Summer community service project was a Board Break-a-thon for the Wounded Warrior Project. This break-a-thon was conducted in honor of our own Mr. Mitchell Lanza in celebration of his safe return from active duty in Afghanistan. MANY of our students & their families got involved in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project by signing up to participate as board breakers, or by making pledges & donations.

Thanks to the efforts of many American Dojo martial artists over $5,000.00 was raised for the Wounded Warrior Project!!


Black Belt Service projects from June 2012 & June 2013:

Over the past 2 years, our Summer community service project has been a Board Break-a-thon for the Hebron House of Waukesha. In conjunction with our DojoFest events, American Dojo Black Belts organized & hosted  FUNdraising events for Waukesha county's largest rescue mission.  Serving over 2,000 people a year, the Hebron House provides 24 hour assistance to those who need a place to stay, a meal, or help securing permanent housing. MANY of our students & their families got involved in supporting the Hebron House by signing up to participate as board breakers, or by making pledges & donations.

Thanks to the efforts of many American Dojo martial artists over $4,000.00 was raised for the Hebron House of Hospitality in 2012, and and additional $4,300.00 in 2013!!

Special thanks to Break-a-thon corporate sponsor: Couri Insurance Agency for helping to cover the cost of the over 1,000 boards that were broken at each event!

Other Hartland, WI community involvement.....

On October 23rd, 2010 American Dojo Martial Arts held a “Break-a-thon” fundraiser at their new Lake Country martial arts studio location in Hartland to benefit 12 year old Jessica Clavette in her fight with AML Leukemia. Martial Arts students broke a total of 2,000 boards and raised more than $8,400.00 to help the Clavette family defray medical expenses. 

The following is an excerpt from a press release issued the week prior to the event:

On the 23rd American Dojo students will compete to break as many boards as they can in 30 seconds.  All proceeds will go to benefit Jessica’s family and medical expenses. Students are encouraged to get sponsors to donate money for each board they can break.

Jessica Clavette of Waukesha is just an average 12 yr. old girl who has a beautiful smile, a big heart and the spirit of a fighter. Jessica was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) in March of 2010. Jessica is blessed with a great family, and many caring friends who have supported and encouraged her throughout her battle with cancer. Lucky for Jessica, one of her caring friends is Hannah Schiessl, 12, a motivated Black Belt at American Dojo. As Hannah watched her friend Jessica suffering with AML, spending months in the hospital with her parents by her side, her heart broke and she felt compelled to DO something to help.

Hannah is a girl of action, a true Black Belt in spirit, who believes that anyone can make a difference with a little determination, creativity, and perseverance. She went to her instructor Master Dean Konley of American Dojo, asking the following:  “I want to raise some money to help my friend Jessica's family. She has cancer and her parents haven’t been able to work much because they’re spending so much time in the hospital with her. The medical bills are piling up too. Can you help me organize a fundraiser for them?”.

Master Konley happily agreed. He was proud to see Hannah demonstrating how she had embodied the principles outlined in American Dojo’s stated mission, part of which reads: “Empowering students & their families through Martial Arts by… Enhancing community through acts of generosity and compassion”

 “Nothing could make me happier than to see that one of my students has internalized and applied the character concepts I teach every day through the Martial Arts. Hannah is showing me that she has the spirit of a true Black Belt leader” - Master Konley of American Dojo.

Bi-Annual Black Belt Charity Drives:

In June of 2010, our Black Belts succeeded in collecting more than 75 baby items for the Pregnancy Support Connection, as well as enough cash to purchase 2 brand new infant car seats!! Great work everyone!

Twice each year, in conjunction with our Black Belt graduations in June & December, American Dojo's Waukesha karate class instructors and students conduct some type of charity drive to benefit a local community organization. Some of our past drives have benefited the Women's Center, the Salvation Army, and Teddy Bears 4 Kids. At American Dojo we believe that community involvement is an integral part of being a true Black Belt. This type of involvement is just a small example of what we mean in our mission statement by saying "Enhancing community through acts of generosity & compassion." It is our goal that by conducting these biannual charity drives, and highlighting some exceptional community organizations, our members would develop a vision for branching out, and positively influence our community by volunteering their time & other resources... in essence becoming community Black Belts!

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