Waukesha Martial Arts Themed Birthday Parties for Kids

Great Kids Birthday Party Ideas start at American Dojo!

Looking to put together a Birthday Party Bash your kid will love? You’re looking for something unique & different.... A party that will make your child feel extra special but that will be low stress for you too, right?IMG_1774.JPG

Do you ever find your kid wielding your broom like it’s a sword or some ancient Chinese weapon? What about jumping off the couch while yelling “Hi-Yaaaa” at the top of their lungs? Are "American Ninja Warrior", “Ninja Turtles” , “Power Rangers”, or "NinjaGo" among their favorite TV programs? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then American Dojo may have the perfect birthday party solution for you!

We’ve found that kids across a broad range of ages, both boys and girls, think that martial arts is really cool, and are thrilled to attend a birthday party event at a REAL martial arts studio. We host a number of birthday parties every month for kids ranging in age from 4 - 12 years. American Dojo makes it simple for you to provide your little (or not so little) ninja with a party that’s sure to be a “hit”!

Waukesha area kids enjoying a birthday party

Choose 1 of 5 popular party themes! We provide (awesome!!) themed decorations, table settings, and even themed custom invitations printed for YOU. 

*Party themes offered:  Ninja Warrior, Star Wars, Mulan, Ninja Turtles, or Pokemon!

Custom theme of your choice may also be available. Call us to inquire with any special requests.

When it comes to the party date, our trained & experienced martial arts party hosts will welcome your excited young guests, and lead them in a variety of high-energy games and activities. No worries, and no stress for mom & dad. Parents can just bring a cake & a camera, and have fun capturing the memories. We’ll take care of the rest!!

But don’t take our word for it, check out what this mom had to say after her son’s party at our Hartland, WI martial arts academy:

We had a birthday party today wow!!!!!! It was soooo much fun :-) All I did was sit back and watch everyone else do all the work!!! Not only did I sit and just take pictures but the kids were nice and tired after the party. Hey Moms! No more Chuckee Cheeese no more Monkey Joe's- American Dojo is the place to be. Chief master Dean Konley & his party hosting staff were wonderful.


For a SUPER VALUE, purchase our 20 guest “Ninja Party Package” for your birthday boy/girl age 4 - 12 years.
Dojo Member pricing: $150.00
Non-member pricing: $250.00

Learn more or purchase by clicking HERE!

You’ll receive the following for up to 20 guests:

(additional guests may be added - up to 30- for a fee of $5 each)

  • 1/1/2 hours exclusive access to one of our fully equipped martial arts studios
  • Up to 30 full color birthday party invitations, customized with theme/birthday child’s name
  • 1 American Dojo birthday party host (up to 12 guests)
  • PLUS 1 birthday party assistant (for 13- 20 guests at no extra cost to you!)
  • Party table/ chairs with all themed paper products provided
  • Lemonade or Gatorade provided for all guests
  • Guided martial arts themed party games & activities
  • 1 treat cup for each guest (may include free trial passes for classes at the Dojo, water tattoos, wristbands, and candy)
  • All set up & clean up by American Dojo staff

Hartland and Waukesha Karate Class Birthday Parties

Games and activities can be customized to your desires and the ages of your party guests. You can leave it to your party host to assemble a variety of games, or choose specific activities from among: padded “weapons” contests (very safe!), Nerf shooter tag with obstacles, relay- type games, board breaking, martial arts/ self defense drills, ninja warrior course, and more!!

Birthday parties are scheduled for Saturday afternoons at either our martial arts dojo in Waukesha or our Lake Country martial arts dojo in Hartland. Parents with children who like karate in Waterville, Sussex, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, Genesee Depot, Delafield and Brookfield, Wisconsin should call for reservations today.

Give your child a Hartland or Waukesha birthday party experience they’ll never forget!

Reserve your party date by calling the martial arts Dojo at 262-542-2888, or by emailing your contact information & desired party date to: info@americandojo.com. Be sure to type “Birthday Party Request” in the subject line. We recommend that you request your party date 4- 6 weeks in advance as our time slots are limited and often fill quickly Learn more HERE!

 Let us help you create a wonderful Wisconsin kids birthday party memory: 262-542-2888.
We'd love to answer your questions! Call 262-542-2888 

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